Exclusive to Shirui Lily Festival 2019 Oct 16-19 Bakshi Ground,
Ukhrul Headquarters, Manipur

Online Booking opening soon.

Pre-Registration for Shirock 2019 Entry


Terms and Conditions to get Shirock 2019 Pass and Tickets

  • This online Registration is Pre-Booking of Entry Pass, It is mandatory to pre-register for Passes on SHIROCKFEST.COM
  • Once Registered, you will recieve an Email and SMS containing a reference number
  • Online-Registration doesn't Entitle you a Confirmed Pass
  • Actual Pass will be confirmed before the event through email or SMS
  • Registered People will get a confirmation email and sms to pick up the Pass(Please check for updates)
  • Please provide the confrimation email or SMS along with an Identity card at the Pick Up point to collect your Pass
  • Pick Up points for Pass will be updated soon
  • For Indian Nationals, please show any ID issued by the Government of India while collecting Pass
  • For Foreign National, please show your passport while collecting Pass
  • Those who have Registered and have confirm Homestay through Shirockfest.com doesn't need to pre-register for pass, they are already entitle a pass which can be collected at the Homestay Allocation
  • Please fill in valid data , incorrect data might get your reference No Invalid for pass
  • One Regsitration is for one person Entry Pass
  • Registration Fee is Rs 50/- only. Payment has to be made during collection of the Entry Pass from the allocated counter.